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Metal-based (DP1) Blue Desk Plier Sheet Music Embosser

Our very popular embosser model can emboss up to 100gsm paper. It comes with its own protective wallet which is matching blue in colour, and can be engraved with your custom text and the design of your choice. Sheet Music Library embossers or ex libris (library of) stamps make excellent gifts for musicians and composers. Turning any sheet music into a library or collection.

Embossers will impress page bottoms as standard, but let us know if you’d like to emboss the page top.

We perform all engraving of our embosser seals in-house and engrave deeply into 100% metal embossing plates for a crisp very high-quality impression. Because we only use metal embossing dies, it also means our embossers stand the test of time, but just in case, we also offer a one year guarantee. Your bespoke seal impression will be 38mm in diameter.

The price listed is for one of the designs shown above, but we can engrave anything onto your seal. If you require a logo or bespoke design, or any help on sizes or prices please contact us or phone 020 8986 6125

If your unsure on what you require, prices or anything please either contact us or phone on 0208 986 6125

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Trading since 1973, our goal is to treat people how we would like to be treated. To offer a quality product at a reasonable price and answer all queries and pricing within the hour (where applicable). We now have 50% of our retail work through 'word of mouth' which we hope shows the quality of our work and customer service.

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